Everything you need in one awesome packageXenioo gives you all the tools you need to start building your chatbot without writing code. Get ready to grow your business by acquiring leads and getting in touch with your customers.

Chat Flow Designer

Design your chatbot interaction flow visually. Define conditions, jumps and behaviors like you would with a mind map.

Natural Language Processing

Engage your users in meaningful chat exchanges by leveraging the power of Xenioo’s NLP engine. Build your intents and create chat flows based on user input.

Multiple Channels

Publishing your bot on multiple platforms is as easy as clicking a button. Xenioo can integrate seamlessly with Facebook, Slack, or your website.


Create engaging chat flows and broadcast them to your contacts. Schedule campaigns or trigger them by integrating with Xenioo API.


Use Xenioo’s available integration connectors or configure your own. Anything from chat flow to user content can be integrated and driven to create a truly personalized experience.


Build your own team, and assign different people to work on different bots. Working together on multiple chatbots has never been easier!

Chat Flow DesignerFull control of your chatbot flow

Whether you are building a simple data collection, or a complete technical support system for your customers, Xenioo’s designer is built to allow you to fully exploit the potential it offers without losing sight of the overall design of your chatbot.

Design every aspect of your chatbot visually with Xenioo Chat Flow Designer. See how every block is interacting with another, and preview your new content while you create.

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Multi Platform PublishingActivate your bot on multiple chat channels

Xenioo can publish your chatbot on Facebook, Slack, and on your Web Page. By seamlessy integrating and building every component on every platform, you can be sure to have the same functionality everywhere.

Xenioo uses a draft-and-publish approach for every chatbot. This means that you can freely edit and modify your chatbot without affecting the active bot, and then publish every update after executing a full test directly from the designer.

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Team CollaborationBring the full team onboard

If you are managing a marketing studio or a communication agency, you know how difficult it is to have all your teams access their work.

Each chatbot can be configured to have multiple authors that can collaborate on the same bot. Teams can be changed anytime and have no size limits.

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