Subscription and payment FAQ

We’ve created Xenioo with the idea of giving you, our user, the highest possible degree of flexibility and our subscription plan model makes no difference. We’ve prepared a number of typical questions you may find useful while deciding how to upgrade to match your needs.

1- Is Xenioo free forever?

Yes it is. When you signup, you are automatically assigned a free subscription plan that will never expire. If your chatbot is not complex, you don’t have many contacts and you’re fine with Xenioo watermark, you can continue to use the free plan forever.

2- What can I do with a free account?

With a free Xenioo account you can create one chatbot that can exchange a total maximum of 1.000 (one thousand) messages with your users each month. Some advanced chatbot features like Zapier integrations, Cloud Script execution or Json API are not available for a free chatbot. Also, all Xenioo chatbots created with a free account will display a Created With Xenioo branding.

3- How do you count messages?

We count one message when your chatbot replies to any of your users.  A single bot reply may be comprised of multiple elements: for example it could be made of two text lines and three quick buttons: all the block is still counted as one message by Xenioo. Let’s look at the example below, where you can see two different chatbot replies:

For both cases, Xenioo will count just one message. After you publish your bot, pay close attention to its real-time statistical dashboard and follow closely its success verifying how many messages are used daily. If you finish all the messages available in your monthly plan your chatbot will stop replying to your users (don’t worry, we will alert you way ahead of the limit!). At the 1st day of each month, the counter is reset and you get back all the messages available from your active plan.

4- How do I upgrade to a paid plan?

To upgrade from a free plan to a starter plan you must click on the green UPGRADE button you see the bottom of the Starter Plan box, as you see in the picture below.

5- What are additional packages?

By constantly monitoring our customers chatbot projects, we quickly realized that typical upgrade paths would not represent a good solution. The usual approach of having three upgrades (silver-gold-platinum) would force our customers into having big, unused plans that would still be limiting them. With this in mind we designed Xenioo licensing to work as a self service upgrade path: once you’ve activated a paid starter plan, you’re free to upgrade it with whatever feature you need. You need many bots? You can add a bots only package. Your bots are a huge success? You probably just need more messages but won’t find any use for more bots.
Using this approach you can upgrade for what you really need for a fraction of the cost.

6- How many additional packages can I add?

As many as you wish. There’s no limit to the number of additional packages you can add. Also, currently none of the packages have a unique flag so you are free to add the same package multiple times. Need hundreds of thousands of messages? Help yourself!

7- I’ve changed my mind! Can I remove a package?

Of course. Each package you add can be removed by clicking on the red remove button you see inside the package box. If the package you remove is a bundle,all bundled packages will also be removed.

8- Wait! I’ve removed the package but I still see it!

An additional package is paid together with your monthly subscription. When you remove it, you will still be granted the package bonuses until the end of the current month. When payments are processed, the packages you have marked for removal will be automatically removed.

9- How can I pay? What payment methods do you support?

Xenioo uses Stripe as unique payment gateway as we believe it offers the best payment experience for our customers. All of the major credit cards are currently supported and accepted.

10-I have upgraded my account. When are the new features unlocked?

Immediately. As soon as your credit card is cleared by Stripe (it happens in a matter of seconds), all the premium features enabled by your starter plan are activated. The maximum number of bots, NLP itentns and Messages is immediately adjusted.

11-Can I have an invoice for my payment?

Of course. After you’ve upgraded your account (or before, as you please) you can head to the Billing Information section where you can specify your company data. We issue one invoice each month, at the beginning of the month. So, for example, if you subscribe on the 5th of April, you would receive your first invoice on the 1st of May. We will issue a monthly invoice for every month of active subscription.

12-Where can I check my payments? Where can I download my invoices?

Invoices and payments are listed in the Invoices section of your account. From there you can download the invoice for every successful payment or get information about any error or issue we have encountered while processing your payment.

13-Can I be a Xenioo Reseller?

Yes! We are just starting our reseller program and you can contact us anytime for more information. Once you activate your Xenioo account, you will receive the Xenioo team e-mail that you can use to reach us.

14-Do you have a referral program?

Again, yes! Like for our reseller program, you’re welcome to contact us to discuss the details!